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14 May 2024 Yuma welcomes B12: delivering advanced AI to the Benelux

Yuma and B12 Consulting (‘B12’), a leader in Belgium in artificial intelligence (AI) and data, join forces. With the integration of B12 in Yuma, the group will be able to further empower clients’ entire digital transformation. Headquartered in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), B12 brings some of the Benelux’ most advanced expertise in harnessing data and AI to drive innovation and digital improvements for businesses across diverse sectors.

05 Mar 2024 Free Webcast: Architectural Mastery: Crafting a Powerful Practice

Given that there are decades of experience in the sector in conducting large, often transformative programs, why do organizations seem to struggle even more than in the past with Digital Transformation?

05 Oct 2023 What I learned from writing a Master Project

XPLUS Business Architect Marianne Vanhauwaert recently wrote a master thesis as part of her learning journey at the Antwerp Management School. She wrote down her experience and insights.

14 Sep 2023 Free webcast: What’s so particular about Digital Transformation?

Given that there are decades of experience in the sector in conducting large, often transformative programs, why do organizations seem to struggle even more than in the past with Digital Transformation?

04 Jul 2023 Enterprise Architecture and Agile, a harmonious marriage?

Download "Enterprise Architecture Practices That Bring Value to Agile IT Projects", a master thesis authored by our colleague, XPLUS Architect Peter Wuytack.

28 Jun 2023 Pascal Laffineur to lead new digital transformation group Yuma

As of the 1st of July, Pascal Laffineur will lead a new player in the field of digital transformation, Yuma. Coming from NRB, Altran, SFR, and Alcatel, Pascal has a strong tech and IT background.

15 May 2023 XPLUS lunch with Peter Hinssen

On Friday 28th of April, XPLUS had the honour to invite a small group of our clients to spend an afternoon in the mind-gobbling companionship of Peter Hinssen at a location as inspiring as our host himself, the famous Apple Chapel.

26 Apr 2023 Free webcast: Master putting your data to work and creating value with it

Creating value from data isn't always easy. In our free webinar on Friday May 26th, our speakers showed our audience how to do just that based on their own experience. Watch the replay now and let the data do the work for you.

06 Mar 2023 Operational versus Analytical Data: Why and how are they different?

While many data practitioners have a good intuitive grasp of the differences between operational and analytical data, digging deeper and making these differences explicit allows for a more profound understanding. Which is exactly what you can find in this blog.

09 Feb 2023 Total Design joins new European platform for digital transformation

Total Design is taking a big step into the future by joining the digital transformation platform of Brussels-based private equity firm M80.

16 Dec 2022 Free webcast: leveraging public cloud technology

Our three speakers shared their experiences on the subject of using public cloud technology to accelerate value delivery for themselves and their clients in our breakfast webinar. Now available as a free webcast.

08 Dec 2022 BPSOLUTIONS accelerates growth with investor M80

Dutch Mission Critical IT Service provider BPSOLUTIONS, top scorer in Giarte's IT Xperience monitor for two years in a row, is continuing to build on its mission to make the world a little smarter. Private equity fund M80 is taking a majority stake in BPSOLUTIONS to build, together with XPLUS and Luminis, a European full-service provider in the field of digital transformation.

08 Dec 2022 XPLUS: a warm community brimming with talent

We do a lot to create our community of Enterprise and Business Architects where everyone feels welcome and inspired. HR manager Tom Faes and managing director Kris Marchi sat down with business newspaper De Tijd to detail our approach.

01 Dec 2022 We’re striving to present a unique offer at a Champions League level with our group

Managing directors Wim Vochten and Kris Marchi recently sat down with business newspaper De Tijd to talk about XPLUS’ ambitions and how they want to create a unique offer to compete with others on a Champions League level.

30 Sep 2022 Free webcast: how you can grow as an architect at XPLUS

Are you an architect with a few years of experience? And do you want to fully realize your potential as IT or business architect? Then, this free session on Friday, 21st of October at 8:30 is for you!

02 Sep 2022 M80 builds on its digital transformation portfolio with the acquisition of Dutch company Luminis, a second significant investment in a short period of time

Luminis announces today that private equity fund M80 has acquired a majority stake in the company. Together with M80 and the Brussels XPLUS – in which M80 already took a majority stake in April – Luminis has the ambition to become a European full-service provider in digital transformation.

01 Jun 2022 How to use modern application foundation to create a modular architecture for composable applications

With every technology cycle, we somehow try to implement the concept of composable applications using a modular architecture. Even during the mainframe era. Today is no different and luckily we have plenty of tools available to assist us in this goal.

05 May 2022 Free webcast: insights on transforming your business platforms

On Friday June 10, we continued our free breakfast webinars. At 8:30 AM, our experts as well as Tom Hoostens, Head of Architecture at Equans, held a session on transforming the business platforms in your organisation. Watch the free recording now.

22 Apr 2022 Persbericht M80

XPLUS, a Belgian expert in enterprise IT architecture, has obtained the backing of M80, a Private Equity Fund, to build a European leader in digital transformation.

23 Feb 2022 Free webcast: Modern Application Foundation Architectures

Bernard Vanbelleghem and John Christiaen share their experiences on how BNP Paribas Fortis manages this shift. Frederik Priem and Pieter Dubois from XPLUS discuss the impact on the organization. Watch the webinar recording for free here.

06 Sep 2021 Free webcast: Communities, guilds and chapters; or how to make the architectural mayonnaise stick

The enterprise architect isn’t a solitary creature. Any architectural venture is usually taken on by a team. But how do you organize those teams to ensure your approach sticks? That’s what you’ll find out in this free webcast of our webinar.

21 Jun 2021 Free webcast: AMS executive masterclasses as a stepping stone for your career

Discovering and deciding on a strong educational program to boost your career is not an easy task. The summer period is the ideal moment to take a step back and reflect on how you can steer your career towards distant horizons. Watch the free webcast now!

28 Apr 2021 Free webcast: Balancing Time Horizons as Business and IT Architects

Long, medium or short term, Business and IT Architects are constantly juggling different time horizons for as many different projects. To help you with this daunting task, we invited four industry experts to talk about this balancing act during our free breakfast webinar on Friday June 4th. Watch the free replay now.

22 Jan 2021 Free webcast: How to foster a knowledge-sharing appetite as an Architectural leader

At the dawn of the Architectural practice, there was collaborative content creation. And at the apocalyptic end, it will still be there. But how can you leverage that content to foster your practice's knowledge-sharing appetite?

10 Dec 2020 Leading as an architect: ten must-have competences

These days, architects are far from being locked up in an ivory tower. The architect increasingly takes on a leading role and with that come new expectations and competences.

03 Dec 2020 XPLUS joins forces with AMS to share Enterprise IT Architecture expertise

XPLUS is supporting Antwerp Management School (AMS) with the provision of the Executive Master of Enterprise IT Architecture program.

20 Aug 2020 Free webcast: Is Enterprise Architecture possible in a fast-moving Agile environment?

Modern technology is evolving incredibly quickly. Many organizations can use an Agile Way of Working (WoW) to adapt to this tempo. It can be quite difficult, however, to balance this rapid pace with a solid architectural strategy. But challenging doesn't mean impossible. Discover some of our insights in combining the two in this blog.

19 Aug 2020 Free webcast: Why is Business Architecture only now finding its way into companies?

Companies are turning towards Business Architecture to help guide their transformation. But this isn’t a new idea. So why are organizations across the globe only investing in it now? Find it out in this blog.

09 Jul 2020 For a digital transformation that rocks

Companies undergoing a digital transformation should start investing a lot more in relational mechanisms in order to create close bonds between teams and people who are collaborating. After all, new tech means there are new skills to learn and that can put quite a burden on the organization as a whole.

30 Jun 2020 XPLUS Talks: meet Rudy Wouters

Last week I spent a few hours talking with the Chief Architect Rudy Wouters (ING Tech Chief architect for Market Leaders). Rudy answered a series of questions regarding digital transformation and enterprise architecture. We are happy to share his experience with you!

26 Jun 2020 How to navigate the COVID-19 crisis as a digitally enabled banker

In this article we provide insight into how financial institutions can execute their digital transformation and navigate the COVID-19 crisis as a digitally enabled banker. Our expectation is that the move to digital will be accelerated for financial institutions due to the recent crisis.