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Learn how to become an architect or program manager who knows how to deal with structural change. The XPLUS Academy is dedicated to upskilling or reskilling you to better meet the needs of change projects with lasting results.

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Implement change successfully

Structural change isn’t easy. Companies often lack the in-house skills to implement it successfully. The market offers very few – if any – of the profiles required. And if you have specialized employees such as Enterprise or Solution Architects, they might lack the support of hands-on training they need to fine-tune their skills.

Knowledge sharing

The XPLUS Academy was founded in 2015 to meet this challenge. We grow your skills through training, a knowledge sharing platform, and mentoring.




“We believe you can better master all the skills you need for a successful transformation through practice and training. At the XPLUS Academy, we’ve made it our mission to cultivate your potential and use the full-force knowhow of our senior consultants, clients, and learning partners.”

– Serge Van Nimwegen, Academy Director, XPLUS Academy


What makes the XPLUS Academy work




Stand on the shoulders of giants who came before you. Through our platform, we actively encourage knowledge sharing between XPLUS, you, your customers, and those who’ve come before you. Switching between trainee and trainer will help you achieve this much more.

Attract talent

Attract new talent

Our Academy focuses on a unique issue: adding or fine-tuning architectural skills in your team. Architects are a rare breed. The opportunities for growth that you can offer through our Academy will help to attract and retain them.

Optimize what you have

Optimize what you have

There’s no need to source new talent with missing skills when there’s vast untapped potential already in your offices. Our Academy focuses on bringing this hidden talent to fruition.



We co-create training courses to satisfy your organizational requirements. Your experts are also involved in creating them, so you can build on past architectural efforts and gain additional returns.


Our Academy services



Applying an advanced model, we assess the strengths of your architects, project and program managers, analysts, and operations teams, and help to identify opportunities for improvement. Breaking down your skills into clearly defined elements gives you concrete insights to act upon, whether that’s fine-tuning or learning new things.




Our Academy provides on-the-job training that’s customized or co-created with you for both soft and hard skills. You build on existing architecture competences, strengthen them, get clear learning objectives to keep track of results, and gain the ability to support large international architect communities.




Our experts are here for you. With one-on-one mentoring, they support individuals as they develop their relevant knowledge. This method helps to overcome the limitations of traditional training, and boosts practice at the edge of people’s comfort zones. Stimulate growth and achieve the unimaginable.



The Academy platform

professional development

The XPLUS Academy also serves as a platform where non-competitive architects can discuss, learn, train, mentor, and be mentored, together. From creating your own training courses to co-creating workshops with us, yourself, or your clients, the platform fosters knowledge exchange.

Our platform aggregates a large number of experts and helps to minimize friction in engagement volume or knowledge transfer.

It comes with transparent policies and feedback mechanisms. You can also capitalize on past architectural efforts by sharing your co-created trainings. You’ll even receive a commission for this.


Ready to learn?

The XPLUS Academy will help you implement successful structural change. Contact us now if you want to get started with our personalized, unique, and collaborative trainings.