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Communities, guilds and chapters; or how to make the architectural strategy stick

The enterprise architect isn’t a solitary creature. Any architectural venture is usually taken on by a team. But how do you organize those teams to ensure the mayonnaise sticks? That’s what you’ll find out in this free webcast of our webinar.

Dirk van Boxem, Transformation Manager, is joined by Benoît Moreau and Thierry Parmentier, Architecture Chapter Leads at ING, to talk about their experiences and insights regarding organizing your teams and ING’s success in communicating about architecture efforts through their Editorial Room concept.

Practical details

When: Friday, September 24 from 8:30 to 9:15

Subject: communities, guilds and chapters


Dirk van Boxem – Transformation manager:

An architect’s perspective on agile organizational principles and concepts

Benoît Moreau, Thierry Parmentier – Architecture Chapter Leads at ING:

Learnings from establishing community working for architects at ING.


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