Our partnership with the Antwerp Management School

The Antwerp Management School or AMS is a business school with a singular goal: helping individuals, teams and even entire organizations grow. With the slogan ‘opening minds to impact the world’, they look beyond just technical skills and want to also stimulate your personal development. Through our strategic partnership, we offer a couple of joint courses. Together, we shape and teach these studies to create the professionals and Architects of tomorrow.

Why the Antwerp Management School?


AMS courses aim to go beyond the theory and stimulate growth

High quality

Focus on high quality management training and research


AACSB and NVAO accreditations for their courses

High quality

Special attention to responsible and sustainable management education

Make impact on your career

The goal of these master classes in Digital Transformation is to equip future leaders with the skills to bring innovation to enterprises. Our consultant Peter Wuytack followed the Master Degree in Enterprise IT Architecture. Get to know his story and how it was for him to write the Master Thesis. The experience of completing his Master allowed him to grow to Enterprise Architect.


The role of XPLUS

  • In the scope of our partnership with AMS, we power the Digital Transformation Labs and teach a number of Master Classes.
  • In these sessions, XPLUS professionals become teachers who bring insights straight from the architecture field of practice to the academic table.
  • We support our customers in selecting the right training to reach their goals, from registration to attendance.
  • We also eat our own cookies: on top of our own XPLUS Academy, the Antwerp Management School represents additional opportunities for our own people to grow their skills.


Overview of the courses

Master Degree in
IT Architecture

This master aims for the development of skills to innovate the digital enterprise. The participants acquire knowledge to master complexity, engineer agility and evolvability and become the architect of a successful organization.

Master Degree in
IT Management

This master aims for IT leadership of a successful enterprise in a digital environment. Boost your IT knowledge with the necessary management, process and communication skills in order to align the business and IT strategy.

Master Degree in
IT Governance and Assurance

This master is about embedding processes, structures and relational mechanisms throughout the enterprise, maximizing the value creation from IT-enabled investments and minimizing IT-related risks.

Master Degree in
Risk and Cyber Security Management

This master delivers up-to-date knowledge for information security professionals in order to excel in the governance and management of their ICT risk, security and compliance responsibilities. The program represents cyber security as an enterprise-wide risk management challenge, impacting technical, organizational and governance responsibilities.

Do you want more information or register for one of the courses?

Please contact our XPLUS Academy Director Serge Van Nimwegen.

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Serge Van Nimwegen
XPLUS Academy Director


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