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Enterprise Architecture and Agile, a harmonious marriage?

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Enterprise Architecture and Agile, a harmonious marriage?

“Enterprise Architecture Practices That Bring Value to Agile IT Projects” is the title of a new master thesis authored by our colleague, XPLUS Architect Peter Wuytack. Recently graduated with a Master of Enterprise IT Architecture (MSc) from Antwerp Management School, Wuytack dives deep into the exploration of this intriguing subject.


We invite you to explore this groundbreaking paper and discover whether there truly exists significant tension between the so-called inflexible Enterprise IT Architecture approach and the dynamic world of Agile IT projects. Traditional Enterprise Architecture practices follow a sequential nature and heavily rely on documentation, which stands in stark contrast to the Agile approach.


Join us on our journey as we investigate whether conventional Enterprise Architecture practices can indeed hold the key to success in Agile projects. Spoiler alert: the answer is positive, as you may have already suspected. So, are you prepared to challenge the status quo and break free from the notion that Enterprise Architecture and Agile are destined to clash?


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