Press Release

Yuma welcomes B12: delivering advanced AI to the Benelux

Press release

Yuma welcomes B12: delivering advanced AI to the Benelux

Brussels, May 13, 2024
Yuma welcomes B12: delivering advanced AI to the Benelux


Yuma and B12 Consulting (‘B12’), a leader in Belgium in artificial intelligence (AI) and data, join forces. With the integration of B12 in Yuma, the group will be able to further empower clients’ entire digital transformation. Headquartered in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), B12 brings some of the Benelux’ most advanced expertise in harnessing data and AI to drive innovation and digital improvements for businesses across diverse sectors.


Yuma offers solutions that cover the entire digital value chain, from strategy and ideation to execution and operation. The inclusion of B12 marks a significant milestone in Yuma’s journey, further strengthening its capabilities in AI-driven strategies and data analytics.


Pascal Laffineur, CEO of Yuma, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “At Yuma, we are committed to revolutionizing digital transformation through collaboration and innovation. When we researched the Benelux AI market, B12 came out on top in terms of technical skills and ability to turn AI into robust, mature solutions – beyond the hype. The work they did to improve the development of mRNA vaccines or to pro-actively monitor the Brussels tram infrastructure are just two examples of this. As such, we are extremely proud that they decided to join Yuma, where they will find peers in UI/UX, architecture, software development and managed services. B12’s offering and track-record with more than 400 successful projects in data and AI aligns perfectly with our vision of empowering organizations to thrive in the digital age. Together, we can deliver the most advanced solutions that drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage for our clients. We are looking forward to welcoming the 45 AI experts of B12 into Yuma and together bring an unrivalled level of competence to our clients.”


B12’s Managing Partner, Michel Herquet, shared his perspective on joining Yuma, affirming, “Becoming part of Yuma presents an exciting opportunity for B12 to expand our reach and enhance our offerings. With our collective strengths we can provide tailored solutions that address complex challenges faced by businesses today. This collaboration underscores our commitment to applying AI to drive tangible value and meaningful impact for our clients, and use it as a core technology rather than a toy box to experiment with”.


About B12 Consulting:


B12 Consulting, one of Belgium’s foremost actors in AI, transforms businesses by driving organizational performance, growth and competitiveness through customized technological solutions. Counting some of the Benelux’ brightest AI scientist – with almost 40% of its staff having a PhD – and drawing upon a wealth of expertise spanning data science, artificial intelligence, and technological innovation, B12 Consulting likes to start where others stop and consistently delivers transformative and impactful results for its clients.


About Yuma:


Yuma is a European digital transformation leader offering a range of services from Digital & IT-strategy to Cloud operations. Their mission is to enable digital transformations that genuinely resonate with people. Yuma acknowledges the undeniable power of technology, but also firmly believes that at its core, technology needs the human touch. Yuma combines the best-in-class expertise from a range of companies: all experts in their field. This combination allows for a sustainable, pragmatic and human approach to make digital transformations successful. XPLUS, Total Design, BPSOLUTIONS, Luminis, Aprico Consultant and B12 are part of Yuma.


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