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At XPLUS we have made it our mission to make you ready for the future. Businesses need to innovate and digitalize to stay at the top. Whether to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs or innovate, the rate at which you need to adapt is accelerating.


Our consultants help you realize your strategy by building your future structure. They play on champion’s league level in the fields of enterprise architecture, IT architecture and program management. And know how to optimally make use of technology like business platforms, digital channels, federated cloud and more …


You’ll become a business champion who succeeds in staying at the forefront of the market.



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BNP Paribas Fortis

BNP Paribas Fortis

A good portion of XPLUS consultants has been supporting the bank with its digital transformation since 2016. What started as an IT master plan for the entire bank has led to more than 20 tribes which we support as architects. At BNP Paribas Fortis, we are part of the captain’s table together with the global Big Four consulting companies, helping the bank with its strategic direction.

ING Group

ING Group

The Dutch multinational banking institution ING has been part of the XPLUS family since the start in 2010. Nowadays, a vast team of XPLUS architects supports the group in areas such as omni-channel, core banking transformation, improvement of finance processes, Know Your Customer (KYC), designing a global payment system, fortifying cybersecurity, and more.


XPLUS Services

Enterprise Architecture

Envision an Architecture
that supports your goals

With your company’s vision, goals, organizational model, IT landscape, and processes in mind, we draw up a clear, implementable master plan that successfully transforms your organization and keeps transforming it.

Digital Architecture

Select the tools
to achieve your vision

You might be ready to transform, but are your IT systems ready too? From the Internet of Things (IoT) to Artificial Intelligence (AI), we help you analyze your current infrastructure and draw up an architectural plan for a technological base that can easily adapt to new innovations.


Program and change management

Deliver digital transformation without a hitch

Our senior consultants are here to guide you from start to finish. Through program and change management, we ensure your transformation goes off without a hitch, unlocking the power of new digital technologies.

XPLUS Academy

Improve your knowledge continously

Become a change expert through our Academy and close collaboration with the Antwerp Management School, with assessments and topic-based trainings. Our platform and mentors support knowledge sharing between all relevant stakeholders, from employees to your clients.



Add a flexible CIO / CTO to your team

Whatever your size, you might need someone to guide your strategic technological efforts to maximize gains from your IT investments. Our CxO-as-a-service allows you to add a CTO or CIO profile to your team whenever the need arises to do just that.
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Do you want to help companies drive change?

Our team of seasoned architects and change managers helps businesses to engineer and change their company for the future. Do you want to become part of this team and support companies on their roads to innovation? Contact us and become an XPLUSser.



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Ready to get behind the wheel of your own transformation?

We are here to help you plan and change your company for the future. You’ll gain long-term insights into how to best handle your digital transformation, and you’ll be able to tap into our vast pool of shared knowledge regarding technology choices. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ready to get started? Send us a message or call our head office in Brussels.

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