Enterprise Architecture
for solid digital transformation

Drive your change based on a solid plan that aligns innovation with your company goals. Let us help you manage your transformation to stay ahead of the competition.

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Be ready for change

We envision, outline, and implement your business and IT architecture so you are always ready to harness the power of innovative technology. New technologies have amped up the competition. Not keeping up will have you outmaneuvered. But you shouldn’t transform just for the sake of it. We make sure your change supports your business goals.

A solid foundation

Our senior consultants outline a clear, long-term business architecture with a master plan, strategical business exercises, cloud strategies, and more. We supplement this with an IT architecture that lays a firm technological base and gives you the flexibility you need to evolve.

Theory to practice

With a comprehensive roadmap based on proven and no-nonsense frameworks, we set to work to help you implement it by providing the necessary project and change management. At the end of the process, change will be at your core, allowing you to be ready to digitally transform end-to-end at any time.


Discover our services


“Our senior consultants give our clients straightforward architectural advice and help customers implement it. Our goal is to build a strong baseline for digital transformation that will stand the test of time and allow our clients to excel.”

– Wim Vochten, Founder XPLUS



Why transform with XPLUS?

Senior experience

Senior experience

We support your transformation and architecture with several years’ experience in the field. More than three-quarters of our consultants have worked in senior positions at one of the top 5 consultancy firms.

Pragmatic and independent

Pragmatic and independent

We’ll give you a roadmap for change with concrete and clear achievable steps. We choose a no-nonsense way of working that goes beyond the theory and is grounded in proven frameworks. We’re an independent partner, so we always choose the technology and vendor best suited to your company.

Long-term partnership

Long-term partnership

Change isn’t a one-off event, but a constant process. So we don’t just pop in for a couple of weeks and then leave you hanging when a bigger fish comes along. Our partnerships and approach to change both focus on the long term.

Best methods only

Best methods only

We want to provide you with best-in-class service, so we’re constantly improving our methods and frameworks through extensive research. Want to find out what we’re working on right now? Take a look at our research projects.


Take charge of your transformation now

Our team of experienced consultants is ready to help you implement structural change in your organization, successfully and with lasting results. Contact us now to get started.


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Our services

We combine all our services to offer you a powerful package. You’ll be driving your structural change in no time. Successful end-to-end transformation that takes your company to the next level is just a message away.

Enterprise Architecture

Envision an Architecture
that supports your goals

With your company’s vision, goals, organizational model, IT landscape, and processes as compass, we draw up a clear, implementable master plan that successfully transforms your organization leading to sustainable value.
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Solution Architecture

Select the tools
to achieve your vision

You might be ready to transform, but are your IT systems ready too? From Cloud Solutions, Digital Channels to Artificial Intelligence (AI), we help you analyze your current solutions and draw up an architectural plan for a technological base that can easily adapt to new innovations
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Program and change management

Deliver digital transformation without a hitch

Our senior consultants are eager to guide you end-to-end. Through program and change management, we ensure your transformation goes off without a hitch, unlocking the power of new digital technologies

Digital Operating Model

Elevate your strategy with the right operating model

Having a strategy is just the beginning. Implementing it effectively is the key to success. That’s where a Target Operating Model (TOM) comes into play. With a TOM as your strategy implementation tool, you can translate your company’s vision into tangible actions. It provides a detailed framework that defines the structure, processes, and technologies needed to achieve your goals.

XPLUS Academy

Improve your knowledge continuously

Become a change expert through our Academy and close collaboration with the Antwerp Management School, with assessments and topic-based trainings. Our platform and mentors support knowledge sharing between all relevant stakeholders, from employees to your clients.
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Add a flexible CIO / CTO to your team

Whatever your size, you might need someone to guide your strategic technological efforts to maximize gains from your IT investments. Our CxO-as-a-service allows you to add a CTO or CIO profile to your team whenever the need arises to do just that.
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How we work together



We work in projects with a capped budget and clearly defined scope. These projects can range from business and IT assessments to setting up your Enterprise Architecture offices and governance. The choice is yours.

On demand

Architecture on demand

Like a full-access pass, you can choose to hire our consultants for a set number of days. These days are yours to fill as you wish with workshops, discussions or more on specific subjects within Enterprise Architecture and Digital Architecture.



Get our expertise in-house. Our consultants can join your workforce temporarily as architects, project and program managers, analysts, and advisors. This can happen as a managed service, value-based service, or time and materials contract.


We’re ready to help you transform.

Do you want to transform your organization? Would you prefer no-nonsense expertise that’s specific for your organization? Need a constructive approach that comes in digestible and concrete steps? Our consultants are raring to go. Send us a message. Together, we’ll make sure your change will be structured and successful with lasting results.