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What’s so particular about Digital Transformation?
Why do organizations still struggle so much?


Given that there are decades of experience in the sector in conducting large, often transformative programs, why do organizations seem to struggle even more than in the past with Digital Transformation?

Kim Van Loo from SD Worx and René Van Kleef from XPLUS shared their program experiences at our webinar, while Senior Enterprise Architect Bart Van Passel provided a high-level overview of digital transformation, offering a hopeful and actionable answer to the question above.

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Practical details

When: Friday 13 October, from 8.30am until 9.30am

Where: online via Microsoft Teams

Subject: Digital Transformation, please, but without the struggling


Kim Van Loo
Platform Business Leader at SD Worx

René van Kleef
Program Manager, Associate Partner at XPLUS

Bart Van Passel
Managing Partner at XPLUS


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