Add a flexible CIO / CTO to your team

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, you need someone to guide your strategic technological efforts to maximize gains from your IT investments. But not every company has a dedicated CIO / CTO on board. Our CxO-as-a-service allows you to add this profile to your team whenever the need arises.

Why hire an XPLUS CxO?

Proven track record

Proven track record and expertise

Network of consultants

Network of seasoned consultants and architects to find the best fit

Tangible results

Hands-on approach for tangible results

Reduce costs

Save staffing costs for attracting and retaining talent

Flexible expertise

Flexibility to add CxO expertise to your team when necessary

Strategic guidance

Strategic guidance to make the most of your IT investments

Different CxO profiles for hire

Get the CxO that fits your current requirements. Whether you need someone to guide your digital transformation or help you draw up a strategic long-term IT roadmap, there are many reasons why you might want to add a CIO / CTO to your team. CxO-as-a-Service offers different profiles to meet your needs.

The interim CIO

Our interim CIO can help you bridge the gap if you’re between CIOs. They quickly assess your situation and collaborate with your management team to implement immediate solutions and plan a long-term IT strategy. When it’s time to recruit a permanent CIO, they help to ensure your new hire is a perfect match for your organization.

The turnaround CIO / CTO

When you have a clear, personalized digital transformation process ready to go, our turnaround CIO / CTO can guide you along the right path. They reinforce the value of IT, initiate positive and impactful changes, and boost employee engagement. Ultimately, this CIO / CTO helps your company evolve its culture, processes, and leadership.

The outsourced CIO / CTO

The outsourced CIO / CTO can help you develop a strategic plan and IT roadmap. They focus on software applications that solve your business needs while maintaining optimum network performance, security, and scalability. The outsourced CIO / CTO eliminates the need for staffing costs related to attracting and retaining talent, while still providing your IT with the necessary guidance.

The customized CIO / CTO

If the interim, turnaround, or outsourced CxO isn’t exactly what your company needs, we can tailor a profile to match your exact requirements. Our network of seasoned consultants and architects ensures we always find the right fit while maintaining maximum agility and reducing costs.

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Boost business and IT with an XPLUS CxO

Are you ready to maximize the potential of your IT investments with strategic guidance from an XPLUS CxO? Reach out to us and we’ll discuss your options. We’re sure we can find the right fit for your needs and organization.


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