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Risk, Security, and Resilience Architecture Training

Learn to apply key security architecture techniques

Hands-on introduction to help architects deal with risk, security, and resilience challenges. Apply mechanisms to identify, define, and govern IT Asset vulnerabilities and threats. Differentiate levels of security and resilience, and define policies to prescribe appropriate control measures. Contextualize risk, security, and resilience architecture within business operations. Define the minimum technical requirements needed to safeguard an individual initiative against the most common cybersecurity risks.



    • Type General training
    • Location Online
    • Date March 2022
    • Duration 3 days

    Interesting for

    Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, Software Architects

    Learning objectives

    • Gain practical insights that help you understand IT Asset vulnerabilities and threats
    • Support analysis of risk, security, and resilience concerns
    • Leverage efforts across initiatives

    • Maria Chtepen
    • Steven Bradley

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