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Taking up a leading role as an Architect Training

Practical upskilling to boost your ability to apply architectural techniques. We apply blended learning, combining remote, interactive classroom training with online self-paced learning.


Take up an advisory role and support the decision-making processes within the company

Learn how to lead as an architect.

Scope management, planning, and control – learn how to help coordinate a change initiative by providing a detailed breakdown of the work and estimations, and managing the external dependencies involved in a project.

Communications and stakeholder management – create and implement a communications plan to keep stakeholders informed, and learn techniques to maintain productive stakeholder relationships.

Leadership and team development – establish foundations for building, maintaining, managing, and leading a team of architects.

Community building and facilitation – build and maintain connections between architects in a decentralized environment, as a forum for sharing knowledge and identifying bottlenecks.

Training days

Every training day starts at 9 AM and ends at 1 PM (Brussels Time). For this training, the self-paced learning period starts two weeks before the start date.

October 2024 – Level: Specialized

  • Wednesday, October 2nd
  • Wednesday, October 9th
  • Monday, October 14th
  • Friday, October 25th



  • Type Specialized training
  • Location Online
  • Date See schedule
  • Duration 3 days

Interesting for

Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, Software Architects

Learning objectives

  • Gain practical insights that help you understand IT Asset vulnerabilities and threats
  • Support analysis of risk, security, and resilience concerns
  • Leverage efforts across initiatives

  • Maria Chtepen
  • Steven Bradley

Price per person


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    Implement change successfully

    Structural change isn’t easy. Companies often lack the in-house skills to implement it successfully. The market offers very few – if any – of the profiles required. And if you have specialized employees such as Enterprise or Solution Architects, they might lack the support of hands-on training they need to fine-tune their skills.

    Open offering and tailored solutions

    The XPLUS Academy was founded in 2015 to grow your skills through training, a knowledge sharing platform, and mentoring. We have an open offering of trainings that is open to everyone, and we design custom-made solutions for clients to grow the maturity of architecture practices and individuals.


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