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Enterprise IT Architect

Are you the Enterprise IT Architect we need?

The strategic processes for which we currently need additional support from an Enterprise IT Architect include content management and communication, and in-sale where we want to deploy a new planning tool. There is also a need for additional support for our business partners’ various strategic processes, where we contribute to realistic operating model choices based on insights into IT capabilities.

The task

As an Enterprise IT Architect, you’ll map our IT landscape. Our business partners’ strategic visions provide guidance for the TO BE models. You’ll work closely with the Enterprise Business Architects for this. You’ll develop different trajectories to arrive at the ideal TO BE architecture from the AS IS situation. Once a scenario has been chosen, you’ll work on transitioning architectures.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Being alert to needs that can emerge from the strategic as well as the solution level. Where necessary, you convert these needs into new EA initiatives;
  • Directing the solution architects for the ultimate solution construction;
  • Inspiring management in terms of technological capabilities and evolutions;
  • Building architectural governance at the program level;
  • You use this knowledge to contribute to our IT strategy. This is described using IT principles which you help to compile and maintain;
  • Being part of a core program team, which directs the implementation of the non-food program and understands that this will be realized in practice;
  • Being part of the Enterprise Architects Committee, which provides programs for the consistent development of our IT landscape;
  • Being familiar with Togaf and Archimate;
  • Documenting architectural decisions;
  • Being actively involved in targeting and setting up programs.


Interested in this position?

Sarah Moreau

Reach out to our recruitment director, Sarah Moreau.

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