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Cybersecurity Management Masterclass

Designed for business and IT managers, this masterclass provides up-to-date knowledge to help information security professionals excel in IT security governance and management.

  • Learn to develop and implement information security and risk management strategies and policies, tailored to your organization’s specific needs;
  • Become the information security intermediary between board, management, scrum teams, business development, IT and operational units within your organization;
  • The program is compliant with the EU e-Competence framework (e-CF) and the EU e-Leadership program.

Part 1: Understanding the strategic context

Part 2: Translating the information security strategy into action

Part 3: Understanding and maintaining operational aspects of information security management



    • Type Masterclass
    • Location Online
    • Date May - September 2021
    • Duration 6 days

    Interesting for

    Enterprise Architects, Information Architects, Security Architects,

    Learning objectives

    • Management: develop, implement, and manage information security and risk management strategies and policies, tailored to the organization’s specific needs.
    • Measurement: develop and integrate information security and risk management processes in associated business processes and technology, and ensure employee behavior guarantees good corporate governance.
    • Awareness: raise awareness about information vulnerabilities organization-wide, and decide on action-oriented information security measures and metrics.
    • Coordination: facilitate constructive collaboration between business requirements and technical experts to harmonize policies, operational activities, and IT security aspects.
    • Leadership: create a risk-aware culture with associated ownership for business and IT. Develop, explain, and implement the necessary improvements for people’s behavior, processes, and technology. Adapt according to legal, business, society, and social requirements.

    • Steven De Haes
    • Yuri Bobbert
    • Piet Ribbers
    • Ad Krikke
    To be determined

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