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Leading as an Architect

Friday 4 December

At the forefront of change

Change is not a one-off event, but a constant process. Enterprises need to constantly reinvent themselves and always transform into a new best version of themselves.

In order to execute this transformation successfully and ensure it has a real impact, leadership skills are absolutely essential – not just at the top, but at all levels in the organization. This is especially true for architects – at the forefront of change.

These leadership skills can be difficult to develop, but at XPLUS we have all the experience and expertise you need to help you grow as an architect. We can also help architects advance in domains such as skills mastery, architecture practice, interactions with others and specific individual progression.

Webinar speakers

The following people will share their insights on this interesting and engaging topic in the webinar.

Henrik van Bruggen (Head of Enterprise Architecture and IT innovation at ING Banking) will present his experience of the increasing expectations for leadership among architects, and explain the challenges involved in developing the skills that architects need to meet these expectations.

Jan Wilmaers (Enterprise Architect at XPLUS) will share his insights on an architect’s skills as a set of verifiable competences that can be developed.

Laurent Cornet (Enterprise Architect lead at XPLUS) will discuss some essential practicable tools as stepping stones on an architect’s path to leadership.

And finally, Leo Slegers (Enterprise Architect at ING Group) will look at how to train and coach an organization for effective architectural decision-making.

Leading as an Architect

Free webinar
– Henrik van Bruggen and Leo Slegers (ING)
– Jan Wilmaers and Laurent Cornet (XPLUS)
Friday 4 December 2020
Starts 08:30 AM, ends 09:45 AM


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